InfoTorials & General Information

A collection of tutorials about general tasks.


Troubleshooting tips • Tips about force installing a lot, using the 50/50 method, and the userprops,xml

Basic Guide to Bodyshapes • A primer on what bodyshapes are and some of the most common sizes

Fixing the text error in Photoshop • When your Photoshop starts displaying text as right-to-left

Using Photoshop actions • A guide to configuring action sets, and to applying actions in batches

Before you begin- Milkshape • A quick guide to setting up Milkshape for meshing or animation

SimPE-related tutorials

Setting up DDS Utilities for SimPE • DDS utilities is a powerful texture-building extension. A must if you work with textures

Basics of SimPE and the .package structure • An overview of SimPe’s major components and an extensive glossary of SimPE resources

BINX, GZPS, and XMOL InfoTorial • An in-depth guide to the major functions of the BINX, GSPS, and XMOL resources

Extracting Sims using Sims Surgery • A handy technique for extracting premade Sims

Generating new GUIDS • Ambertation is permanently offline, and the “Get GUID” feature of SimPE no longer works. This is an alternate method for generating GUIDs